Safe Deposit Box

Redza Safe Deposit Box Sdn. Bhd.

Our security system includes:

  • Seismic Detectors
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Infra-Red Sensors
  • Reinforced Concrete Strong Room
  • Biometric Access
  • Motion Sensors

Pioneer in Seremban

Redza Safe Deposit Box offers a secure yet convenient facility for the safe keeping of your valuables. Open 365 days a year at minimum of 12 hours a day; enjoy greater accessibility than anywhere else. (Subject to full occupancy of safe deposit box)

With our professional competence in security you can be assured that your valuables are securely stored and protected by the best in the business.

Benefits of a safe deposit box

  1. Protect important documents such as birth certificate or mortgage documents from loss or theft.
  2. Safeguard rare valuables and personal belongings such as jewelry, rare collectibles, or family heirlooms.
  3. Protect critical financial information or data back-up disc from theft or destruction.

Our location

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